Common Issues

Common Issues

Transaction may fail to confirm

There are 2 known reasons for this issue to occur.
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  1. The most common is that the wallet is currently in the Devnet environment and not Mainnet Beta, to see this if this is the case the wallet owner can either
    1. See if the total value of the wallet’s holdings is not shown
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    2. Go into setting and see the current network
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  1. The other possible error is that the funding wallet does not have sufficient funds to cover the transaction costs (either the client or the merchant). To avoid this if you are the feepayer, is to make sure that you set email alerts for low balances.

Failed to fetch transaction

This error is from Decaf itself.
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Reasons include:
  • The NFT has already present in this wallet
  • The User does not have enough USDC or Sol to complete the trasactions
    • Note: an error should appear on the POS if this is true
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