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A complete POS solution, easy and accessible for everyone.

Full-featured Point of Sales

Crypto payments

Grow your business by accepting crypto payments in USDC or Bitcoin.

NFT gated commerce

Reward your customers with NFTs and give discounts for holding them.

Full integration with Square

Complete integration into square to leverage their inventory and tax management tools.

Wallet management

One click wallet creation and instant settlement of your funds.

Cash/Crypto ramp

Become a cash-crypto ramp by selling and buying crypto through our PoS.

Sales dashboard

Visualize sales and trends to make data driven decisions.

Unlock the value of crypto in retail.

The simplest way to accept USDC in your business.

  • We've powered thousands of dollars in transactions utilizing the security of the Blockchain.
  • Every customer and merchant loves our beautiful and easy to use solution.
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What do people say?

“ I just want to say, I had my doubts initially but your team killed it. It felt seamless and not a hassle which is key for mass adoption especially since some protocols have such a barrier to entry. I can't wait til Decaf is the standard.”


“ Went to @solanaspaces today and had a really great time! I finally confirmed to my wife and mother-in-law that Solana is real, and got to make a "first" purchase using Solana Pay. It was as quick and easy as any tap to pay transaction I've ever done! ”

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“ The team loves your platform and every customer is delighted by how fast it all works. Great job @Decaf_so team 🙏”

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“ The sheer amount of innovation across payment solutions within Solana continues to impress and amaze me! @Decaf_so - this is impressive -> frictionless experience paying at @solanaspaces ! 🔥💯 ”

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Who is using Decaf?

From large stores to cafes

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