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A wallet for stablecoins. Built for payments.
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Access USD,
but borderless

Download your wallet in less than a minute and get access to borderless currency through stablecoins including USDC.

Easy-to-use wallet

Set up instantly. Send, receive and view transactions. Benefits of blockchain, without the fluff.

Send money through a link

You can send money through WhatsApp, Facebook or any other messaging service using just a link. The receiver doesn't even need to have the wallet installed yet.


You don't have to be a crypto expert. With our simple digital wallet you can set up a 'bank' in minutes.


Onboard directly with cash and get accessibility to a global currency and an array of stablecoins.

Fast & Secure

Utilizing cutting edge blockchain technology, your money will be transferred and confirmed in seconds.

Low fees

Make your money go further with transaction less than a thousandth of a cent.

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Start utilizing your crypto with our payment solution