Social Media “intern”

Social Media “intern”


Social Media “intern”

This contract is for a 4 month internship, with the opportunity to roll into a long-term employment agreement. Decaf has wide ranging potential to transform access to blockchain banking for communities across Latin America through various use cases such as access to digital US Dollars, payments, remittances, and easy savings. However, we still have a lot of work to do to build our brand and engage with users to grow not only on the product side, but also on marketing.
In this job you'll work alongside the founding team to help us establish the branding of Decaf and help us keep our social media up to date. Our idea of what the product should be might change along the way - if it does, great!

🤩 Tasks you will own:

  • Maintaining the Decaf social media presence.
  • Interactions with the community in a light hearted but professional way.
  • Creation of dank Memes.

🤚 Areas where you will assist:

  • Branding
  • Announcements
  • Website design
  • Work with the team to collect user feedback to help drive the product direction.
  • Iterate and research on UX, and UI.

📚 Skills you'll be expected to teach

  • Communication best practices

🧑‍🎓 Skills you'll be expected to learn

  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Crypto Twitter community (yes, it’s pretty niche)
  • How to work with the team in a dynamic startup environment.

🏆 Timeline of success

After 30 days You will have understood our mission and our community and have published at least 15 high quality posts about Decaf and our current events.
After 60 days You will have established your brand as “the intern” (or similar, depending how you want do do it) on Decaf and have created a Discord server where the core community can be more engaged in conversations. You also host regular events (playing/ educational) for the community.
After 90 days You will have a small social media team which runs our external communication effectively and professionally