Decaf Wallet is a non-custodial mobile app running on Solana and Stellar. It is designed for seamless entry into decentralized finance, enabling easy onramps and off-ramps between fiat and crypto in nearly 200 countries.
1. Download the app : in the app store type “decaf wallet”, 2. Create an account, 3. Follow the on-screen guide to securely set up your wallet and start transacting: Steps to download, install, and set up the wallet for first-time users.
Decaf stands out by offering intuitive fiat to crypto ramps globally, including cash ramps with MoneyGram, a US routing number (SEPA soon), email login & account recovery, gasless transactions, advanced Solana Pay features, Direct DEX trading and chain swaps with no added fees, support for tokenized real-world assets, and enhanced security/safety measures for a non-custodial wallet, all aimed at bridging traditional and digital finance.
Decaf ensures security through advanced encryption, non-custodial key splitting & management, and email recovery options, prioritizing user control and safety.
Yes, in Decaf, you can directly swap fiat for USDC within the app, supported by a user-friendly interface and competitive exchange rates. **Steps to buy USDCUnlock deposits/withdrawals to a US bank accountHow to Withdraw USDC with MoneyGram**
Decaf provides a secure recovery process that utilizes your email and social media login, ensuring you never lose access to your funds. Here are the details of the key-splitting technology that allows this.
Decaf's fees are transparent and competitive, including FX spreads for certain operations, detailed within the app for clarity. Decaf does not add any fees. Sending USDC from Decaf Wallet to Decaf Wallet is free and gas fees are sponsored.
Decaf supports all tokens on the Solana and Stellar networks, including any tokenized government bonds, or other Real World Assets that are tokenized on these chains. Allowing users to diversify their investment options. Learn how to manage your tokens
You can access support in our wallet or you can join our discord: https://discord.com/invite/fVn2THZAkV
We are looking for the best on/off ramp providers in every country and card programs. Share your information to support@decaf.so and we will get in touch with you to explore opportunities together.