Decaf is the non-custodial wallet for global ramps, no fee token exchanging, and gasless transactions, where you securely hold your keys. The mobile app runs on Solana and Stellar.
The new version of this wallet is compatible with iOS and Android. It includes a quick send option, in-app swapping, yield investments, USDC on and off ramps, USDC cash withdraw in 180+ countries, Solana Pay compatibility, friendly and intuitive design, and much more.
“In Decaf we solve two things: being able to spend your crypto, save USD value in a safe wallet and also we add one piece of the puzzle which is giving the opportunity to create investments that will give you returns” - Rick, Co-Founder & CEO of Decaf
24/7 Support
There is also a 24/7 support chat and an expanding repository of articles, guides, and tutorials.