The MoneyGram integration with Decaf is now live!

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You can now own digital dollars and redeem for cash in MoneyGram’s 300k locations in 175 countries! All with the Decaf Wallet.

Internet Money is a big deal

Imagine if sending money to a family member or friend was as easy as sending them a message in Whatsapp using the internet.

What if I told you - now it is that easy.

With the Decaf wallet you can send money in Whatsapp or any social media app.

Real-life example

Here is a real life example of Fernanda in San Antonio who sent money to her auntie, Adriana in Morelos, Mexico.

The best part is that no bank, or any middleman, holds your money or takes a portion of it. No banks, no fees, no friction.

Now you can see that Adriana has the Digital dollars which were sent to her by her niece, Fer. Instantly she has a US Dollar account in her Decaf Wallet - no bank needed! She can save or send her dollars, and now with MoneyGram integration she can redeem her US dollars for cash in pesos at her local Oxxo. With no fees!

Now, Adriana can give the cash to her local restaurant across the road from the Oxxo and her brother can eat his daily meal here. Money that is sent via the internet rather than through banks makes moving money cross borders easier and fairer. This has a real impact on people’s lives.

Money is accessible as the internet itself, with no banks needed

This is just one use case of MoneyGram integration with the Decaf Wallet. There are many families like Marissa’s who have similar stories. In fact, every hour there is 6.8million dollars sent from the US to Mexico, most commonly families just like Marissa’s.

This year there will be a record $60 billion dollars of USD sent to Mexico this year, the second highest of US remittances in the world after India. Remittances are shown to help alleviate poverty, improve health outcomes and the economy, and the global community and the G20 have committed to reducing fees to less than 3%. Importantly, saving on fees will keep money within the pockets of families and friends rather than go as fees for the banks to benefit.

However, this is not just Mexico, MoneyGram is available in nearly every country around the world! This is the best and easiest way to send and save US dollars. Tell your friends and family.

The possibilities and impact of this is endless. You can now pay remote employees easier and cheaper, pay overseas suppliers, create US dollar accounts for wealth protection (particularly in countries with high currency devaluation), the list goes on.

Access to money should be a human right, it should not be dictated by banks or anyone else. Decaf’s partnership with MoneyGram is a huge step towards having money and value as accessible as the internet.