How to refund card orders

Refunding payments on card is extremely simple. So long as the item is synced to square can you refund the order.
To refund an item simply go to orders and press ‘refund order’ on the order you want to refund.
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Once you’ve clicked refund you can add a reason and press refund
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Once you have successfully refunded the order and transaction will be marked as refunded on Square.
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How to refund Solana pay orders

Refunds on Solana pay work slightly differently, as we require merchants to pre-fund a refund wallet as we require a wallet where we have permission to create transactions. If you do not have a funded wallet you can learn how to fund it here.
Once you press refund on a solana pay transaction you will be able to choose which items to refund as well as choose the managed wallet to refund the order from.
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When selecting a refund wallet you can see a preview of the number of funds before confirming.
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