Discounts & managed NFTs
Discounts & managed NFTs

Discounts & managed NFTs

Did you know you can reward users for holding a specific NFT, or sell them a redeemable NFT for a product or service! You can also create general purpose discounts, applicable at checkout. Read this section below to learn more! 👇

Overall discounts & managed NFT discounts

Discounts are a way to reward customers for performing actions you want to incentivise, like paying with crypto instead of fiat, for example.
What are “overall discounts”?
Overall discounts are dscounts applicable at checkout to the entire order.
What are “managed NFT discounts”?
Managed NFT discounts are, very much like the managed wallets, a NFT that you can create and control through the Decaf PoS.

Overall discounts

Overall discounts are applicable at the time of checkout.
  • For example: If an order is $10 and you have a 50% overall discount, the order will be discounted 50% of the subtotal (tax will be added afterwards, dependent of how much the subtotal is)

How to create an overall discount

  • Navigate to Settings > Discounts and click on “Create”
  • After that, fill out the required info, and your overall discount will be created
Creating an overall discount

How to apply an overall discount

  • Navigate to “Point of Sale”, select the items you want to sell and proceed to checkout
  • After that, select the newly created discount on the top row of the checkout screen and choose your preferred payment method
Applying an overall discount

Managed NFT discounts

Managed NFT discounts are only applicable when paying with crypto
Managed NFT discounts are a bit different than normal discounts. For one, they are NFTs and they do not apply to the whole order, they apply to every product individually. Since they are an asset on the blockchain, they are far more programmable, and are a lot more engaging for the user.
Why managed NFT discounts?
User engagement
With NFT discounts, you can let the user seamlessly mint an NFT when they complete a certain action, or buy a certain item.
You can even get in contact with us to help test custom features, like giving away special editions of certain NFTs for some customers, or launching new NFT projects via a QR code which is only available in-person rather than just on the web, the way it’s currently done.
NFT’s are hosted on the blockchain and are publicly viewable. That means, that if you have multiple stores, or are doing a collaboration with other brands, or people, you can see if they have been in certain places, or completed certain tasks to reward them.
Similarly, you can also allow for preorders of certain products. For example Blanksoles collaborated with certain stores to allow them to buy an NFT of their new shoe a month in advance before it hit retail. After that, customers could trade in their NFT for the physical item.
Since the NFTs are built upon the agreed Solana standard for NFTs, they are resellable on platforms like Magic Eden or OpenSea, driving the customer to make a profit, even after your event is done!

How to create a managed NFT

To create a managed NFT, you should have the information about the NFT ready in advance and be cautious about filling the form, as most contents of the NFT are not editable afterwards. To create your first NFT, follow the steps below 👇
  • Navigate to Settings > NFT Discounts and click on “Create”
  • Fill out the fields. Below is a brief description of what each field means. Fields marked with ✅ are changeable even after creating the NFT, while fields marked with ❌ are not.
    • NFT creation fields description
      • POAP NFT image (required) ❌: Image to upload to the blockchain
      • POAP NFT name (required) ❌: Name for the NFT
      • POAP NFT description : NFT description
      • Discount (in %) (required) : NFT discount on the product price in percentage points.
      • Max discount (in $) (required) : Limit for the discount in USD
      • Mint price (in $) (required) : The “buying” price for the NFT in USDC.
      • Custom mint message (no more than 15 characters) : A custom mint message to appear on the customer’s wallet
      • Royalties (required) : Resale royalties for the NFT paid to you, the merchant, when the NFT is sold on an exchange like Magic Eden or OpenSea.
      • Pay for minting fees : You can choose to pay for the network fees to mint the NFT ($0.4 per NFT).
      • Use only once (Mint will be burned) : You can choose to destroy the NFT after it’s been used once.
        • Mint an NFT after burning?🔥 : Since the customer’s NFT has been destroyederased, you can substitute it with another one automatically!
      • Attributes : You can add custom attributes to an NFT
      • Items to apply to : You can restrict the products this NFT applies to (Maybe you want to run a special promotion for certain shoes?)
Creating a managed NFT

Managed NFT discounts table fields

Now that we have created our first NFT “Test NFT”, the NFT will appear in a table, like this:
Created managed NFT
Created managed NFT
Here is a description of the table’s fields
Collection Identifier
The collection identifier is the link on the blockchain for the newly created asset. In there you will be able to see the most recent transactions related to it and the owners of the NFT.
With this field, you will be able to generate a minting QR code, which when scanned by a customer with their Phantom wallet, will generate a transaction for them to mint the NFT:
Minting screen
Minting screen
NFT minted
Since the new NFTs are prints of your original edition, they are currently not easy to trace. That is why we provide this field for you to know how many times your NFT is printed. You can also see the exact NFT blockchain addresses by clicking the field:
When the first user mints the NFT, you will see the “NFT minted” field increasing. Clicking on the field will search for all the related NFTs. In this case it will be one NFT.
Getting all the print editions from master

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